AL’S HWY50 is a visionary project spearheaded by Al Laughlin, a founding member of the esteemed Colorado band, The Samples. Laughlin’s creative influence has been instrumental in crafting the iconic sound of The Samples, characterized by infectious hooks and a distinctive bubble reggae vibe.

AL’S HWY50 seamlessly integrates elements of reggae, ska, rock, and jazz, blending them into a tapestry of melodic vocals and introspective lyrics. Renowned for their dynamic and captivating live performances, AL’S HWY50 concerts are synonymous with energy and danceability.

The core lineup of HIGHWAY 5O boasts talent such as:

Otis Lande – Bass Guitar
Joel Scanlon – Drums
Tony Soto – Bass Guitar
Chris Wright – Bass Guitar
Andrew McNew – Horn
Rock Steady Freddie – Horn

Laughlin’s musical journey extends beyond The Samples, marked by the release of two remarkable records: a self-titled debut and The Violet Project. These albums showcase Laughlin’s versatility and can be enjoyed across various platforms, including YouTube, iTunes, Baby, SoundCloud, and Reverbnation.

Presently, Laughlin is immersed in the creative hub of Boulder, Colorado’s Violet Studio, meticulously crafting a new EP entitled “Where’s Al?” This upcoming release promises to deliver some of his most inspired and innovative music to date.


“The Violet Project” boasts loads of reallyexcellent tunes and arrangements. the kind of songs. that in an ideal world would be sure-fire number one singles. This is a great EP that will brighten up your life – an essential pop ska recording!” – JamSphere Review

“Being one of the most prominent musicians to come out of Lolorado.

Laughlin brings an eclectic mix to the table, sharing his years of musical experience to bring a fresh and impressive new sound to Highway SO.” – MusicExistence





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